Lose weight & get fit

Learn new fitness exercises, proper breathing & good form.

Have Fun 

Fresh handpicked workout routines so your never bored.

Stay Safe 

No Crowds, Your the only focus!

tailor made Virtual Workouts

Turbo personal training is a one-on-one virtual / local fitness studio preaching good exercise technique and proper breathing.



 If your local, visit our Caldwell Studio. Take this time to focus on yourself & have fun  elevating your fitness level.

unique vibe

Choose your room color. Choose your music. This smart studio is equipped with an amazing sound system that has every song and playlist you can imagine. Add great lighting and you have the perfect setup for an awesome workout

"I can tell you he is very knowledgeable and has such a passion for healthy living"


-Anna R.

Core Exercise

Recent Clients

"Whether you're looking to just tone up like me, or lose all that summer beer and brunch weight, Amer is the guy to see!"


-Becky H.

"My overall mental and physical well being is a "night and day" difference since I started"


-Mark M.