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one-on-one private training studio

Overall Fitness​ Transformations



& Lifestyle Changes



One-on-one Tailored Training Routine



Safe Environment


Clean Fitness Space

The WArm up

Lets Disconnect and focus on the present... a couple minutes of breathing through a slightly elevated heart rate should do the trick.

Lets Stretch it out

Now we workout any issues or tight areas bothering you, through a handful of dynamic movements and stretches that allow range of motion. We also need to get your body ready for the task ahead.

The workout

Lets set your personal lighting and music, Then onto the fun stuff. Energy Exertion. Expect to use anywhere between 60-90 % of everything you've got. I understanding everyone has different needs, therefor all exercises during your session will be tailored to push you just enough. 30-40 minutes and your Done! Now go home and focus on your nutrition and get ready for the next one.

Simple fundamentals for progress

Turbo Fitness Is a unique Personal Fitness Studio that allows you to start getting in shape and having fun while you exercise.

Your own private Fitness Studio with an outstanding trainer, personal time slots, weekly  workout sessions, weekly progress weigh-ins, accountability, and so much more.

Not only will you lose weight and tone your body in weeks, but you'll learn to breath and stay calm while properly going through full ranges of motion during your workout.

This is an outstanding program for anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives, by improving their Fitness... congratulations on further trying to better yourself, now take the next step!

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"I can tell you he is very knowledgeable and has such a passion for healthy living"


-Anna R.

Core Exercise

Recent Clients

"Whether you're looking to just tone up like me, or lose all that summer beer and brunch weight, Amer is the guy to see!"


-Becky H.

"My overall mental and physical well being is a "night and day" difference since I started"


-Mark M.



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405 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell, NJ